We are here to assist you in various ways.

Field Service

We Come To You! We have our qualified field tech's ready to take care of you and we understand that when you are needing service it is always better to have someone there with you actually looking at what your situation or problem is. We are here to take care of those needs!

We will work with you on your project(s) until the job is done. Whether it be as simple as installing a push-button or setting up and installing a plc system, we are not done till everything is working.

Shop Service

With any panel that we build, know that when it comes to you that it has been tested and is UL listed and approved. We know that when it comes to your equipment that you need electrical components that are not going to let you down, and that is where our shop services come in. As a standard anything that is built in our shop is built on a heavier duty than what standard calls for, this ensures you as the end user and us from getting those 911 breakdown calls.

Remote Service

With our remote service options, we are able to take care of you and your programming needs, without you having to wait for someone to show up. We can connect with you and your system in moments!

Our remote care capabilities are what take care of business FAST! This ability allows us to be looking at your computer screen while we are at ours, no matter where you are.

For this capability, it is quite simple, all you need to do is plug your computer into a phone line or the internet and then we can connect with you. You can watch exactly what we are doing on the computer, so that way you and your team can also learn and see what they can do.

After Hours Service

We know that your operations are not always a 9-5 and that when you are broken down you are loosing money and that is why we make ourselves available to get to you as soon as possible. We have technicians available 24-7 and they are only a phone call away.