About Us

Small locally owned company dedicated to meeting your needs.

About Automation Electric

Here at Automation Electric and Controls Inc., we take pride in every product that we send out. We are a licensed ETL 508A panel building shop. You know that when you order from us, you are getting quality. Every panel that goes through our shop is fully tested before it gets to the field, meaning that there are no surprises for you. We have routine quality inspections to ensure that all of our custom made panels follow electrical code and compliance. So when it comes time for an electrical inspection on the job site you can rest assured that Automation Electric and Controls is on your side.

We understand that when you are broke down you need to be back up and running as soon as possible. We carry a large inventory of standard panel parts and accessories to be able to take care of you and any emergency that you have to face.

Any product that we manufacture or sell, we also service. Our field technicians are here to help you get your equipment running the way that you want it to while maximizing efficiency. Our field technicians are highly trained and knowledgeable with mechanical understanding and ability. When we are on the job, we are there to get it done so that you can get your job done.

Whether you are buying individual parts or need a panel custom built, we have the stock to take care of your needs. We stock everything from enclosures, breakers, motors, to wire, relays, contactors, and much much more. When you are broken down or just need the best price with the least amount of hassle just call us and we will get you going as quickly as possible.

We are a locally owned and operated and have been in business since 2003. We have provided products for companies all over the world. Some of our products are helping companies in places like Canada, the Caribbean, Cayman Islands, Australia, and all over the Continental United States as well as Alaska and Hawaii.